About Us…

Our Approach

Big Sky Ballroom takes an Elemental approach to dance.

We believe that simplifying and teaching good basics builds a confident dancer.  As you progress this approach makes the learning process smooth and simple.  There is nothing better than the feeling dancers have as they meet their dancing goals.  It’s a joy to help students learn a new skill or polish up.

Dance is a timeless sport that you will enjoy no matter where you are or your age!


 Our Story

Ryan & Summer Duvall both began their professional dance careers on the Gulf Coast of Florida nearly twenty years ago!  Since then they have owned a few studios in the southern states, coached, & trained other professionals & amateurs, as well as preformed at various dance and charity functions.  

They have chosen Bozeman, Montana as their new permanent home.


More About Us…

Ryan & Summer met early in their careers and very quickly became best friends and dance partners…

Until, one day, years later they realized they were perfect for each other!  They said “I Do” on November 4, 2014 & couldn’t be happier.  They are both passionate about life, outdoors, & DANCE!!!

One of the things they love most about dance is how it can change your life!

Whether for physical health issues (i.e. scoliosis, knee/back injuries, etc.) or mental health issues (i.e. PTSD, depression, etc.) DANCE helps strengthen and heal!

Dance has forever changed our lives and it is our joy sharing dance with everyone we meet!


Ryan Duvall

Owner & Instructor

Ryan began his dance career in 1999 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida with a local franchised studio, following his service in the U.S. Air Force and has been a full time dance professional since.  He dove in head first and began teaching as well as training for professional competition!  Ryan is an acclaimed Professional Rhythm & Smooth championship holder.  He has continued to instruct social dancers throughout his career.  Taking those who wish to compete to many amateur competitions over the years with great success and many scholarships won.  Ryan has continued to receive coaching and training in all American & International styles of dance from coaches coast to coast.  He has also recently added the Country Western Style Dances according to the UCWDC.  One is hard pressed to find a partnership dance that Ryan does not know!  Salsa is one of his favorite street dances, whereas it depends on his mood and the music which of the American & International dances is his favorite at that moment!  He has a great passion for sharing his love of dance and its many wonderful benefits.




Summer Duvall

Owner & Instructor

Summer began her ballroom career in 1996 in Pensacola, Florida with a local franchised studio.  As many female instructors, she also maintained her career in Building Construction and worked with the City of Pensacola as a Plans Examiner for many years.  In her dance career she focused heavily on the American Rhythm & International Latin for the first half of her career.  Since then she has shifted her focus to the American Smooth & International Standard broadening her strengths as an instructor and competitor.  She has enjoyed preforming at many charity and ballroom events over the years.  For almost a decade she has been full time in the dance industry.  With the recent popularity of the Country Western Dances she is currently adding and expanding her knowledge of the UCWDC style as well.  Keeping up with so many styles demands practice time and coaching for us to provide the best we can for you all to learn any partnership dances you choose to focus on!  But, when your job is what you love you, you wouldn’t have it any other way!   Teaching is such a joy.  Conveying one’s passion for others to be able to enjoy is such a blessing.


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